Geoduck clam

Geoduck clam

It’s really a clam! The famous Geoduck is a large salt water clam grown mainly in Washington, especially the Puget Sound. Its’ so prominent in the area, Evergreen State College uses it as their mascot! Lance the manager said its 3 years old and goes for $30 a lb. The “siphon” is how the Geoduck feeds.

Skipping this natural wonder while dining at Taylor’s Seafood, the plate of local oysters consisting of Shigoku, Virginia, Fanny bay, Totten inlet, Kumamoto and Olympia were consumed by the oyster loving guys. Super fresh with lots of brine was their conclusion. We girls ate the Dungeness crab with crab butter after watching our crab being cracked over the brick. Taylor Shellfish Farms has been in business 100 years and 5 generations harvesting the good things from the waters. Love the crab! #taylorshellfishfarms

tay oysters





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