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S'mores as the sun sets on Coronado's beach

S’mores as the sun sets on Coronado’s beach

The perfect ending to a beautiful time in Coronado, S’mores on the beach at sunset. Hotel del Coronado hand makes colorful marshmallows in different flavors and adds gingersnaps to the basket of graham crackers.  Lots of chocolate to choose from to melt on top of the marshmallows.  Can life get any better in Southern California!  ...
Dining on Coronado Island

Dining on Coronado Island

Times have changed on the island.  Coronado, used to be known as a place Navy Admirals retired to and visitors put their toes in the water at one of the best beaches in the USA.  A slow pace of life and a beautiful shoreline, the town was predictable.  Now there is change in the air...