The Pacific Northwest, besides having lots rain, has bucketfuls of really fresh seafood. A fisherman at heart, Blueacre and Steelhead restaurants owner/Chef Kevin Davis serves a plump crab cake with pure and sweet crab topped with mirliton salad. What’s mirliton? It’s also known as Chayote and cooks up like a summer squash, popular in the South as pear squash. A satisfying meal in and of itself. Unlike the typical ahi poke appetizer with chunks of ahi tuna, Chef Davis buys grade #1 ahi which is pricey but the best on the market. He whittles with his knife until all the prime ahi is stacked high and judiciously tops it with seaweed salad, pickled ginger, plus black and white sesame seeds and accented with wasabi and sriracha. A tasteful powerhouse of ahi.

Lumb crab cake

Lumb crab cake

Chef Davis uses no imported seafood and knows the best fishing waters for his restaurants. His innovative kitchen skills trained a chef to become famous but his calling is keeping his roots local and sustainable. @blueacre ‪#‎blueacre‬ ‪#‎steelheaddiner‬ @steelheaddiner Blueacre Seafood ‪#‎chefkevindavis‬ @chefkevindavis

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Chef Kevin Davis