Tequila and Mole, it’s very real at Cantina Mayahuel in Normal Heights, San Diego. With mole served only on Tuesdays and Fridays, this restaurant has been on my radar. This is not a typical San Diego Mexican restaurant, if you know what I mean. Lots of rustic wood, a huge tequila bar and no hanging piñatas! Margaritas are only $5 and they boast about their extensive tequila and mescal bar.

Mole is made with about 30 different ingredients including chilis, plantains, figs, pumpkin seeds and chocolate. Also check out the Tortas Ahogadas, a French roll stuffed with carnitas and shrimp tacos grilled in pineapple juice and chipotle sauce. Cantina Mayahuel Flavors contento!

Cantina Mayahuel 2934 Adams Ave, San Diego, Ca  619.283.6292

When you come inside Super Cocina, it feels like you’re with family on a Sunday afternoon and everyone is cooking in the kitchen. Located on University Ave, it’s no frills and home style. The food is prepared from different regions of Mexico, with selections of stews, soups, chicken, beef and pork, all hearty and old-time dishes. Going through the cafeteria line while hungry means the tray gets overloaded fast. 30 years of serving genuine simple and filling Mexican food.

Super Cocina 3627 University Ave, San Diego, Ca  619.584.6244

Ranas Mexico City Cuisine is a family owned restaurant devoted to sharing their recipes and the love of cooking Mexico City style for their customers. Dulce and her daughter Evey greeted us with warm hospitality and shared varieties of mole sauces while explaining the ingredients. Then Evey gave us her expertise of the most popular dishes to share and she was so right! Huaraches, tri color enchiladas and sizzling shrimp and beef Alambres. Delicioso!

Ranas Mexico City Cuisine 9683 Campo Rd, Spring Valley, Ca  619.589.1792