Ice cream and donuts, perfect for a hot day in Vista. Peppertree Corner, 50 years’ worth of family goodness reaching out to the community and making people smile.  Danny’s Donuts, rises to the top with the all-time favorites of apple Betty and glazed blueberry donuts. Allie and Cesar bought the shop two years ago after the original owners sold and are determined to continue the shop’s legacy.  Regular customers return for the quality donuts and their old time favorites, and now mine, is the apple Betty, too.

Allie and Cesar Danny's Donuts

Allie and Cesar Danny’s Donuts

Chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream cones are my weakness and Peppertree Frosty dipped mine with a thick layer of chocolate. Cracking the coating to get to the ice cream is an accomplishment. Since 1960, it’s been a family run business with oodles of shake flavors and then there are the burgers and fries. Daniel, the son of the owner relishes in repeat customers who were there as children and return as adults. He and his sisters grew up serving customers and know the scoop about ice cream.


Chocolate dipped ice cream cone

Daniel hands me a chocolate dipped ice cream cone

Peppertree frosty


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