Aromas of butter swirled inside French bakery Maison Villatte, in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod. A busy morning and I waited patiently in the long line. Since it was the start of spring, shops were reopening for the upcoming sunny season and repeat customers were picking out their favorites from the pastries and breads.


And the phone kept ringing. When I snapped a picture of the chef baking bread, the sales woman told me he was the owner. Now that’s hands on ownership.

As I spied the display case stocked with colorful and delicate sweets, I cautiously picked the puff pastry with a layer of cream and apricots propped on top.  The pastry had enough flaky layers to sprinkle my napkin with shreds after every bite.

Once arriving at Grand Central Station in New York City,  I headed to Magnolia Bakery, amidst so many delicious looking eateries in the terminal.  Magnolia Bakery is famous for many items, one of which is  their famous banana pudding.  People rave about it and there is a cult following online. I had to try it.

This pudding was heavier in consistency than other banana puddings I’ve eaten and I prefer the Nilla Wafer recipe. As I walked around the terminal,  I offered NYPD Officer Folchetti a taste but he said no thanks.  Maybe he’s a healthy eater!

Maison Villatte

267 Main St, Falmouth, MA

Magnolia Bakery Grand Central Terminal and other locations