The trip all planned to take my elderly mother and brother from the west coast to the east coast on American Airlines and AA’s work slow down started this week. Our original flight to JFK kept getting delayed first told because of weather and secondly could it have been caused by the employees calling in sick?  There had been a big storm on the east coast but flights were getting dicey with delays and cancellations.  I was able to switch flights and go through Dallas with a delightful crew working under tough conditions.  Always, ready with a contingency plan, I had pages written out what to do in worse case scenario, change airports, take the train, etc.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to use it.

And part of the battle plan was to not check luggage so we could change planes at a moment’s notice.  My first time with only a carry-on, a major accomplishment for me!  I kinda like traveling that way but can I do it for a long trip?  hummmm