My only time flying the Italian airline, Alitalia, years back was not a pleasant experience.  With some hesitation I flew them again  from JFK to Rome and was greatly impressed with their service, amenities, food and wine.  Of course, being in Magnifica (business class) tends to help.   The gorgeous leather seats became lie flat beds including a massage button.  The seat belt even has an airbag!

Food and wine service was elegant and prepared in the aisle near my seat.  And it was not just warmed up food and plunked down on my tray like I’ve experienced with other airlines.   My tray was prepared with a placemat, individual salt and pepper shakers, white china dishes and silverware wrapped with a bow in the napkin.   Prosciutto, olives, little cheese filled rolls for appetizers, fresh pasta and veal cutlet came later.  The wine poured freely and this extravagant meal lasted 2 hours just like I was dining in Italy at the finest restaurant.   The male and female flight attendants were dressed professionally in Armani suits and all nice to look at, too.

This flight was special.