February and most of the USA is freezing cold and here we are having spent time on the Big Island and now Maui. 

On the plane from San Diego to Kona, I read in the Hawaiian Airlines magazine about the 5th annual avocado festival happening south of Kona on Saturday.  Avocados in Hawaii?  Who knew?  I am an avocado snob and always think the best avocados come from my native San Diego County!   Saturday morning we got in our rental car and headed south from our lovely vacation club in Waikoloa to the Kona coast and near the Kona coffee area.

Through lush greenery and uneven grass, I walked to the festival not knowing what to expect.  There were arts and crafts booths and many items made with avocados.  I  found an energic woman who grows her own avocados and healing plants to make aromatherapy products.  I bought some of her fabulous rose scented salt scrub with her essential oils and lip balm with avocado oil. 

I spotted avocado pie made by a chef in a make shift kitchen in the back of the booth and had to give it a try. Made with a pastry crust and layered with mashed avocado and white cheeses, I found it to be bitter.  Give me guacualmole and chips.  The event was attended by many people who love mother earth spreading the good news of avocados. I went to many booths and learned there are over a hundred variety of avocados grown on the Big Island and my friend in Maui grows her share too.  They were big, smooth and creamy, what a nice surprice.

Here’s a little trivera-there are still telephone booths around the islands and a local call is 50 cents.