Lunch at the Plaka, Athens Greece. Streets are lined with Tavernas with people enjoying sitting outside, talking, smoking and listening to music. And the food, simple and satisfying, like a Greek salad filled with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and feta cheese.  The meal was surprisingly reasonable and never goes out of style.

Even seen at a partial view, the Acropolis makes one stop and think about how you fit in the past and future history. Built for Goddess Athena in the 5th century B.C. it still stands powerfully strong over centuries.

The next day before leaving Athens, some of the breakfast selections were Greek yogurt, honey and egg dishes. We know of baklava, and a new discovery for me was breakfast of Bougatsa (pastry with custard) and spinach pie. Layers of buttery phyllo and filled with the flavors of Greece are very tasty and satisfying.