No utensils are needed at Awash Ethiopian Restaurant because Injera bread is used to scoop the food to eat.  This round sourdough bread is made with mostly teff grains and other ancient flours. The dough ferments for 2 days and once cooked is spongy and light.

Awash is a main river in Ethiopia which flows into lakes and hence the name of the restaurant.  The owners are very nice and helped me decide what to order. The meat and vegetable selections were flavorful and not spicy hot and the rolled bread carried the food nicely.  Many Ethiopian men gathered to watch a soccer game on TV and this added to the fun of dining in the restaurant.

Their small market carries chickpea,barley and favabean flour and other grains, plus Ethiopian beer! People ordered take out meals and shopped for their necessities while I slowly drank an Ethiopian coffee and enjoyed the afternoon.

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant & Market

2884 El Cajon Blvd

San Diego, Ca