Yellowstone Valley Lodge is in the valley, 40 miles from the National Park with a tranquil river right outside the beautiful cabins.  Located in Livingston, Montana, the rustic but refined private cabins are a stones throw from the Yellowstone River.  Sitting on the deck outside the room, I took my time to gaze at the mountains and green pastures which are majestic mornings and evenings.

Only open seasonally is the highly acclaimed Yellowstone Valley Grill. Chef Marcos Mustain prepares dinners without missing any details to a packed restaurant each night it’s open.


Fresh fish was expertly used for Chris’ sashimi plate and my salmon cooked Thai style was very tasty.

I couldn’t resist the local Wilcoxson Ice Cream made with Montana huckleberries.

No reason to cook on the campfire or sleep in a tent with this attractive guest lodging!

Yellowstone Valley Lodge

Livingston, Montana