Hard to miss on Fletcher Parkway in Fletcher Hills, El Cajon, Calif is a burger place that’s been there for over half a century, when the area was somewhat rural and not a full size community as it is today.

It’s been there all these years because not only do they serve good quality burgers but old fashioned milkshakes and malts. If you want a true strawberry malt this is the place or the ever rich chocolate peanut butter milkshake will surely fill you up.  What I got hooked on is the fried zucchini which are huge long chunks of zucchini in a light batter and fried until crisp.  Ranch dressing goes well with this big order of crunchy goodness. They are even better than the fries and I’ve been known to stop in for a bacon cheeseburger, zucchini and chocolate malt. Oh so bad for me and so delicious.

Crispy fried zucchini

Crispy fried zucchini

Beef ‘n Bun used to be called Beef ‘n Bun Whistle Stop and I asked why?  Many years ago, the little sit down area inside had trains that went around a track and that’s how whistle got in the name.  The trains are no longer there but the food is still something to whistle about.

Beef ‘n Bun

2477 Fletcher Parkway

El Cajon, Ca 92020