Downtown Vancouver, clean and spotless city with wonderful Asian restaurants, boosts an award winning gelateria located near the harbor.  I heard about this place when I asked at the hotel where to get some ice cream.  Ice cream, lady, the best gelato in the world is just down the street!   I found Bella Gelateria with crowds of people waiting for their favorite scoop and elbowed my way in.  It had an air of being a happy place with happy people reading the selections of the day.  Chocolate, berry, scotch, Persian Akbar Mashti and many more.

James, the owner and skilled master gelato maker, told people not to worry about deciding which one to get when they pay.  That’s because he encourages everyone to try a sample and then decide and change your mind if you want.  I finally selected toasted pecan with maple syrup drizzled on top.  A woman behind me, Catherine, saw James lift the paddle out of the machine and it was smothered with chocolate gelato.  She asked if she could lick the paddle and James handed it to her.  Catherine told me she is a regular and drives a distance to eat the different and delicious gelatos.  Her friend Desmin applauded James for reaching out to the community by making certain flavored gelatos for various cultures.  Saffron with rosewater is just an example of that.  Oh yes, James has won several awards in Italy for his outstanding gelato.

Someone suggested I come in the morning and have a coffee with gelato and a pastry, sadly, I had to fly home and will have to wait until next time I visit Vancouver.