The live show with Christopher Kimball is about to start. We’ve been following him from his former enterprises America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated. He recently started Milk Street Kitchen and the man famous for cooking and wearing a bow tie will be speaking soon. I dared my Chris to ask him a cooking question! #mesaartscenteraz #cpkmilkstreet #christopherkimball

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Christopher Kimball, an American cooking icon, spoke about his early days in his cooking career at age 8 in Vermont and went on to begin Cook’s Magazine, Cook’s Country and Cook’s Illustrated Magazines in 1980-1990’s. His former America’s Test Kitchen show was on PBS for years and now he has a new company, Milk Street Kitchen. This company will be traveling the world not focusing on meals but focusing on methods, techniques and the tools used in preparation. His show and magazine will concentrate on not what we eat but how to do simple meal preparations. He said recipes don’t always work, you need short cuts and to improvise.  Even he didn’t know when he was making carrot cake in the 70’s he would develop this huge culinary empire and carry on it’s legacy. @cpkmilkstreet

'Christopher Kimball, has taught us to cook for years and continues with his new venture @[1726251974274529:274:Christopher Kimball's Milk Street]'
Chris Kimball autographed his dessert cookbook for me and some others who bought VIP tickets
'Matthew Card, former editor of Cook's Illustrated and now food editor of Milk Street Kitchen @[1726251974274529:274:Christopher Kimball's Milk Street]'
Matthew Card, former editor of Cook’s Illustrated, now food editor at Milk Street Kitchen.