My wonderful and loving Uncle Joe Yoklavich worked at CBS Television City starting out sweeping floors and retired as an assistant director. He is not with us anymore, but in Feb 1969, he sent me a picture of the heartthrob singer, Glen Campbell because he knew I was a typical teenager who loved his music. I have kept it all these years and today we went to his old CBS studio and I had my picture taken with the envelope and picture. I stood by a side gate and as I waited to ask someone to take my picture, I heard lots of yelling and then a male voice. It was the Price is Right being filmed! Anyway, 2 men (about 55 and 35 yrs old) carrying coffee cups, walked near and I asked if they’d mind terribly to take my picture. I began babbling about the picture and the older man told me, look, we’re in the business, you brought your own props and it’s our job to do the interviewing. Then he had me tilt my hat back so my face could be seen for just the right picture. I thanked them for their help and he made a comment like I was a tourist, “enjoy your visit while you’re in town”!
Afterward, visiting the old Farmer’s Market, we had lunch at Du-par’s an old reliable restaurant. I ordered the traditional Waldorf Salad, because it just seemed right and another ordered the good ole standby Cobb salad. Living in the past can be a good thing. #5#2