Is Chicago style pizza really better?  I guess it tastes different if you’re in Chicago, but the adventure to try different pizzas and a sandwich started at Chicago Pizza Company on Prospect Avenue in Santee.  Orders take a long time to prepare because food isn’t premade and no fast food is used.  The sausage and bread rolls are flown in from Chicago.  A small group of us decided on the Addison pizza with sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and onions which took about 45 minutes to bake from scratch.  Great crust and sauce to go with the toppings!

Addison Pizza

Next was the Italian beef sandwich, wet as they say.  I call it au jus as I dipped the layers of meat and bread into beef juice.

Italian beef sandwich

Next was Chicago Brothers Pizzeria, near the Junipero Serra Mission, or McGregor’s Pub (depending on your priorities).  The Chicago style cheese lovers stuffed pie has 3 cheeses, herbs and spices oozing out a thick crust. It does resemble a pie!  Thin crust veggie pizza was not near as messy!





Cheese lovers pizza


Each Chicago type pizza had its own flavor and it comes down to being a personal choice.

Chicago Pizza Company 8528 Magnolia Ave, Santee

Chicago Bros Pizzeria 10423 San Diego Mission Rd, San Diego

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