The Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista is a fun adventure for all ages and nearly all the exhibits represent local wildlife and marshland habitats.  Easy and accessible walking trails and bird watching are a few of the activities in our own backyard.  Did you know there’s about 150 turtles in the bordering bay?   Locals might remember the facility as the Chula Vista Nature Center which began 33 years ago.  It’s changed some with a modern facility highlighting turtles, sharks, friendly rays and eagles.  No doubt the property encompasses a way to spend a relaxing time in nature on the National Wildlife Refuge.

This little but mighty Bonita Museum explains the history of the Sweetwater Valley and Bonita.  Exhibits show old land boundaries, horse ranches, dairies and the school house. I learned that the numerous Bonnie Brae lemon orchards, which are prized for their thin skin and being seedless, originated from Sicily.  They were shipped by train across the US after being boxed up at the packing house.  When the flood happened in 1915 and the Sweetwater Dam broke, the lemons were destroyed and were no more. Check out this museum, it’s so interesting.  Besides the historical items, local artists rotate workshops which highlight the South Bay area.

Many people who lived in this area years ago, remember buying cakes for special occasions at George’s Wonderful World of Cakes in National City.  My friend told me about Little George’s Bakery and that he still makes the famous Lemon Snow Cake in his smaller Bonita bakery.  I found the bakery behind a house in Bonita and his small shop has everything he needs to make the much requested chiffon cake filled with lemon curd and coconut.  I bought the cake to celebrate my birthday!

Living Coast Discovery Center   1000 Gunpowder Point Dr, Chula Vista, Ca  619.409.5900

Bonita Museum and Cultural Center  4355 Bonita Rd, Bonita, Ca  619.267.5141

Little George’s Bakery   3624 Valley Vista Rd, Bonita, Ca 619.477.9369