I spent the day traveling around Lisbon, Portugal using the Metro and my tour guide, Pat, (lisbonwithpats.com) told me you can tour the metro stations all day and see colorful tiles and art work.  She was right, each step and turn had different tiles in shapes and colors which added to the beauty of this city.

Maybe on my next visit, I will plan a fun day taking lots and lots of pictures of individual stations.

Once outside the metro, I saw the famous and recognizable tram system which is about 100 years old. And the cars are from St.Louis, Missouri.  The trams are wildly popular and packed with tourists to experience the ride. We decided to walk near the trams to avoid being crammed in the rumbling transportation.

A stroll through the open market Mercado 31 de Janeiro in Lisbon found vibrant produce was plentiful and neatly displayed.  The selections of the fresh fish was incredible with many species I did not know and caused me to stare a bit at the differences.  Behind one fish stall, I noticed a woman filleting and cutting fish with scissors and she wore no gloves. I mentioned it to her because usually fish mongers wear gloves.  She showed me her hands which had no cut marks. She was proud of that!

These tomatoes in the market are specific to Portugal and later in the day, I ate them in a traditional baked rice dish.  I believe one could come to the market daily and cook delicious and healthy food.  With all the varieties of fish, meats and produce, no meal would need to be repeated twice.  Creativity is plentiful with a simple stroll through the market.