Please note-T-Rex cookies is changing locations and has updated information.

Did someone say it’s National Cookie Day? Here it is, the best cookie in America according to Time Out publication. In 2016 Tina Rexing’s sea salt caramel chocolate chip won best cookie and she even makes them in 5lb shapes for weddings. She showed me her old oven which made small batches and now she has a new modern oven to churn out even more warm cookies. Pretty clever naming her company T-Rex which is a mixing of her name and the shop’s theme. I also loved her decor using whisks for door handles and lights. I think everyday should be cookie day!

Walking through the Minneapolis airport, I spotted a bakery!  I haven’t seen a bakery making the dough from scratch in an airport and just had to stop. Cindy at Angel Food Bakery, was whipping Swiss merguine for cupcakes and I noticed stacks of butter close by. I was invited to try their new French Cruller donut and Oh yes, it passed the test!

T-Rex Cookie & Coffee Cafe

3338 University Ave SE

Minneapolis, MN

Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar

86 S 9th St

Minneapolis, MN