In Bardstown, Ky which is on the bourbon trail, a restaurant in an old five and dime store serves mighty breakfasts and homemade pies. Mammy’s Kitchen offers big slices of country ham, biscuits and red eye gravy. Of course, I had to try the sausage milk gravy too. As we ate breakfast, many of the town’s people gathered to discuss post Derby news and drink their morning coffee. I mentioned to one nice gentleman that the milky gravy was sweet and he told me they like things sweet in the south!

Down the road in Hodgenville is President Lincoln’s birthplace preserved in the National Historic Park and nearby is his boyhood home in Knob Creek.  Treasures of Lincoln’s life with lots of memorabilia is in the Lincoln Museum in the center of town. Docent Charlotte told me so much information I didn’t know about this adorned President.  She quoted him, “I, too, am a Kentuckian”.

President Lincoln's birthplace

President Lincoln’s birthplace


Adding to this wonderful day was a visit to the Gethsemani Abbey on Monks Road, Trappist, Ky. The gift shop sells the famous Trappist fudge and fruitcake made with bourbon which are delicious. A tranquil setting in beautiful green meadows and surrounded by those work to make the world a better place.