While walking through the village of Chania, Crete, I talked to George who was sipping coffee and eating a sesame roll. He seemed like the unofficial diplomat of the area and was proudly born on this island. Soon he introduced me to the people working at Melini Cafe and suggested I buy a cheese breakfast pastry. George was a colorful character to meet and the pastry was delicious!

I couldn’t leave Greece without eating a gyros, really known as Souvlaki. An eatery with the name Opaka (that looked like a safe Greek name to me) quickly made me one for about $3. Christianos heated pita bread, shaved the pork from the vertical rotisserie and spread the best tasting tzatziki sauce on it.

Then he layered tomato, red onion and french fries and wrapped it up in paper. Oh, it was heavenly street food.  Now I must decide when I can return for more!