Spirito’s Italian Diner was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives so I had to give it a try since I crave east coast foods. Michael Spirito makes mean “gravy” just like in New Jersey and gravy to the east coast is red sauce to us on the west coast.

Handmade ravioli

Handmade raioli

Guy Fieri featured the handmade ravioli smothered in gravy with obvious hand crimped edges. I was hooked after eating the authentic Italian flavors. And pizza too. Guy always leaves his signature when he visits a place…

Guy Fieri signature

Guy Fieri leaves his mark

Spirito’s Italian Diner

2508 El Camino Plaza

Carlsbad, Ca  www.spiritositaliandiner.com #Spirito #Spiritos

Afterward I quenched my thrist with Carlsbad Alkaline Water, since 1882, producing clear water,very distinct from our usual hard water.

Carlsbad water