Seasoned beef makes this tostada taste great.

Seasoned beef makes this tostada taste great.

There are hundreds of taco stands and restaurants in San Diego, but one that constantly stands out each time is El Indio in an older established part of town, near the airport. It’s the gold standard for authentic Mexican food known to locals for many, many years.  Before tortilla chips became popular, El Indio made their own chips with a touch of seasoning and each one a different size and shape.  They are still made the same today and tasty with their homemade guacamole and salsas.

Everyone that has frequented El Indio from childhood to becoming an adult has their favorite burrito, chile relleno or combo plate with rice and beans.  And while standing in line to place your order, the hot corn tortilla coming off the press and handed to you, makes the wait that much easier.

El Indio Mexican Restaurant

3695 India St

San Diego, Ca 92103