Fold the circles of dough over the delicious mixture of meat, raisins and corn and the secret is in crimping the edges of the dough.  Teresita teaches the hands on empanada making class from her homey kitchen in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Teresita describes each detail of making an empanada from scratch from rolling the dough, adding the right amount of filling and folding the edges like an intertwined rope so none of the vibrant juices leak out.  It’s not burrito or taco making where mistakes can easily be covered with guacamole and cheese, these little delights need to be made just right.

The many glasses of wine Teresita freely poured helped us to fill the meat and then the corn empanadas. Once baked and out of the oven, we gathered our platters of food and headed out the kitchen door to her lush garden.  Our small group sat around the picnic table enjoying our handmade food and oh yes, more wine.

Teresita teaches various cooking classes including Argentinean barbeque and a culinary tour of local markets.

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