Majestic and beautiful blue waters of the Adriatic Sea splash into the unassuming and picturesque coastal town of Piran, Slovenia.  This aged European town on Slovenia’s

small coastline has its own seaside Mediterranean like character, quiet and relaxed rather than nearby Trieste or Venice, Italy.

Vehicles park just outside the town square and buses bring the locals inside the town.  We walked the ocean boardwalk taking in the Adriatic’s rolling waves watching them hurling into the border of Croatia to the south.  We then darted between small streets with little food stores, ice cream and trinket shops and looked up at the unique houses stacked on top the hillside in colorful arrays.  Our private driver/guide Rok Puppis ( a native Slovenian, explained the history and geography of the area which enriched our experience in this undiscovered tourist haven.

Lunch at one of the many seaside restaurants featured locally grown products and we dined on fresh produce, olives, pasta, mussels and delicious vegetables sprinkled with sea salt.

Piran is a secret escape from tourists with a coastline of two neighboring countries so close yet it maintains a special beauty all its own.