Zagarolo, Italy, an authentic Italian village nestled in a wine region just above Rome, is yet to be discovered by tourists. Leaving the historic city of Rome was difficult, but once I ventured east by train for 30 minutes to the town of Zagarolo, I felt back in old Roman times.

Entryway arches into town embedded with medallion-laden wreathes and mosaics took my imaginative mind back hundreds of years. Generations in Zagarolo continue to be proud of their vibrant community. Men gathered near the water fountain in the center of town. The women clustered by the cistern reeled in years past, unmoved by current times.

Ovens in the town’s bakery have been used for 300 years and still make delicious delights today. I enjoyed partaking in each process of the baking with the bakery’s family members. I tasted salami from the local shop and ducked into quaint shops nestled on the main street leading to the town’s churches.

My stay at B&B ll Colle degli Ulivi provided me a memorable time with family-style dinners, sightseeing suggestions and caring owners ( for complete details).

Zagarolo, perched on top of a hillside with fabulous views of Rome, takes you back to Roman antiquity — all that’s missing are the chariots!

San Diego ReaderPublished November 2009:
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