Dan Swenson-Klatt owns Butter Bakery and showed us his 2 best sellers, an eclair and a biscuit. His locally sourced bakery uses all butter and the proof is in the goods! The Biscuits were recognized as Minnesota’s special biscuit on the Travel Channel, a proud claim to fame. He told me they are made with butter and then a bit more butter. They will be at the Minnesota State Fair next year, so I might have to explore the food at the fair!

I had to find out what the Puppy Dog Tails were at Isles Bun and Coffee. In this sweet smelling bakery, I found out they are made with the left over dough from cinnamon buns. Taste just as good as a cinnamon roll, but you feel less guilty eating one tail. But, we couldn’t stop with just one!

And then, there were many lakes….but the bakeries were the favorite on the drive!

Butter Bakery

3700 Nicollet Ave

Minneapolis, MN


Isles Bun & Coffee

1424 W 28th St

Minneapolis, MN