There’s a reason for the experience of fine dining. It satisfies the need to be waited on with style and to make you feel special. Manhattan of La Jolla is such a place. Located in the Empress Hotel in the village of La Jolla, white linen tablecloths signaled the start of a nice evening.

We were greeted at the table by Ara Scalini and he’s been in the Italian dining business for years. He expertly made our table side Caesar salad with a few jokes in-between tossing the lettuce.

The preparation of steak flambe was a sight to behold as the fire flared up on cue.

And, live music! Roman Palacios belted out favorite Pavarotti and Sinatra songs.

Fine dining is so vogue.

Manhattan 7766 Fay Ave, La Jolla, Calif   858.459.0700