French food popularity comes and goes.  I’m pleased to say two pillars of French cuisine were dining delights when I visited, each serving in their own time honored style.  The first one is nice for dinner or weekend brunch and the second place is good for quick breakfast and lunch.

Et Voila! French Bistro on Adams Ave brings touches of France with a big black and white map of Paris on the entrance wall.  The restaurant’s owner/ Chef Vincent Viale has impressive culinary credentials and uses his honed talents with casual French dining. My friends and I sat outside on the patio and my favorite part of the meal was served-dessert!  But no ordinary dessert for me, we chose the warm peach souffle with blackberry anglaise.  Souffle baking can’t be rushed because of their delicate structure, so it’s usually not a common dessert menu item. Chef told us he’ll make anyone’s favorite souffle if you call a few days ahead and request it. Oh the possibilities!

Peach souffle with blackberry sauce

Chef Viale and my friends close to Paris (by map only)

My never ending search for quality bakeries brought me to Opera Cafe & Patisserie in Sorrento Valley, just off the 805 and Mira Mesa Blvd. I spoke with Diane, the owner and she said the company started in 2002 as a homegrown bakery making and selling desserts wholesale. The sweet goods made their way across the US and the cafe opened in 2008. What a difficult decision choosing between menu items and lovely pastries! The chicken orzo soup was served in this cute French Le Creuset petite cocotte dish.

And the Quiche Lorraine oozed with butter and Swiss Cheese. Ooh la la!