Hob Nob Hill in Banker’s Hill since 1944.  The restaurant offers classic American comfort food and the menu reads from days gone by with favorite items. I always liked the little freshly baked breads and coffee cake topped with white icing and hearty meals.

Corned beef is cured in house and hollandaise sauce is hand whisked without curdling over a flame. My latest meal of a French dip sandwich was delicious dipped in the accompanying au jus. I could tell the dipping juice had been made from scratch with it’s rich beefy taste and obviously not from a can.  I can’t resist natural juices made from beef drippings over crusty bread.

The restaurant’s location in the area of San Diego which at one time was a bustling center of town, hasn’t lost its clientele of city officials and local business leaders even with city population shifts.

Diners who want to relax in a comfortable restaurant with a counter, booths and tables come here for the food and a quiet atmosphere.  Don’t miss the crystal chandeliers and halved oranges filled with cranberry sauce or jelly.

I’m glad places like this are still around in our growing city.

Hob Nob Hill Restaurant

2271 1st Avenue

San Diego, Ca