Horta, Portugal, on the island of Faial, Portugal. It’s the volcanic islands of the Azores, 900 miles from the coast of Portugal. No shortage of cheese or wines here along with other local products to sustain the island.

They say you haven’t visited Horta until you’ve been to Peter Cafe Sport. It’s a 100 year old watering hole for sailors crossing the Atlantic and the song, What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor could be heard from the street. Hanging pennants represent countries from those who have sailed into the harbor and hoisted a few. The gin and tonic is famous here and it’s pronounced gintonic, without the and.

As usual, I knew I’d find a pastry shop in Horta! Varieties of Portuguese egg custards and breads for an afternoon snack with a cappuccino to take a break. Inexpensive too. Emilia, Jessica and Sandra kept the customers happy with their quick service and smiling faces.