Niece Cailey requested cheesecake for her 19th birthday. I know, Incredible Cheesecake Company on Adams Ave. They have been making prized cheesecakes for over 30 years.  I remember when TV star Merv Griffin ordered from them and the chocolate loaded cheesecake is appropriately named Merv Griffin.  My first cheesecake from this company was a white chocolate raspberry, oh so many years ago.

I did my research and was happy to find out they are still in business and churning out creamy and sweet cheesecakes.  Since it was short notice and you couldn’t order ahead of time, I walked in the original building on Adams Avenue and picked out a Chunky Monkey cheesecake.


Cailey loved her birthday dessert and now her brother is eyeing the list for his birthday.


Incredible Cheesecake Co

3161 Adams Ave

San Diego, Ca 92116