Many Mexican restaurants ranging from little taco stands to upscale dining serve Mexican food in San Diego.  It’s the one meal locals and tourists expect to eat in this border town.

People have their favorites for the classic dishes of enchiladas, chile rellenos and tacos.  Endless hours over cold margaritas are spent discussing the best places to eat authentic Mexican food.

One resoundingly agreed establishment is Miguel’s Cocina with locations throughout San Diego.  The popular item here is the jalapeno white sauce served with a basket of chips. A bowl of salsa is common but the white sauce is what brings us back.  Whoever came up with the recipe, created a winner.

My friends comment that they would drink if they could, want to be buried in it and repeatedly order hot chips with the sauce until they can’t eat their meal.

Miguel’s has been around for over 30 years and as some Mexican restaurants change with the tide, the Jalapeno white sauce remains a Mexican comfort sauce.

Jalapeno white sauce

Miguel’s Cocina