A native Minnesotan told me I had to eat a “Jucy Lucy” and Matt’s Bar and Grill was recommended.

Just what is a Juicy Lucy and why is it famous?  Places in Minneapolis began making the burger by stuffing a hamburger patty with cheese in the center and hand sealing the patty.

Matt’s is one of a few bar/restaurants which serves this well-known burger.  Supposedly, there have been turf wars over the original version and Matt’s took the i out of the word juicy and named theirs Jucy Lucy.

A bit of caution, the hamburger is served very hot which is good and bad.  The first bite can be dangerous because hot cheese oozes out when eaten.  And then as it’s eaten, the flavors blend together and this simple burger is very delicious.

Matt’s is a popular place and no nonsense when it comes to ordering and eating.  Cash only and a sign on the wall said no plates or ice served and believe me, it’s true!

Watch out for juice dripping down the arm!