Welcome to Florida where key lime pie is a must!  Sweet and tart with a graham cracker crust is what you’ll find all over the state. I swung by Donut Hole Café in Destin, Florida which offers more than donut holes.

It was a Sunday morning and people were lined up for breakfast. I found my way to the take out line and bought a slice of their best-selling pie.

I noticed the taste to be less tart than other key lime pies I’ve had (which haven’t been many).  Maybe the Florida version is made differently than the west coast pies?

Once home, I decided to make the pie on a warm day. I bought a bottle of Nellie and Joe’s key lime juice and followed the recipe on the back label. Since I was making this pie for the first time, I also consulted with the recipe on Smitten Kitchen’s website.  I liked her version of making the graham cracker crust and adding lime zest to the filling.   The pie was done in less than an hour from start to finish and needed to cool before adding whipped cream on top.

Let me just say, the pie was deliciously refreshing and friends and family raved about each bite. This pie has now become part of my dessert offerings for years to come.