If you come to San Diego and ask where to eat border style Mexican food, you’ll be told to go under the Coronado bridge in Barrio Logan and it’s name is the green fly.  Strange or even scary as it sounds, that’s been the nickname at Las Cuatro Milpas restaurant cooking big vats of rice, beans and homemade tortillas to go with the simple menu of tamales, burritos and tacos. Lunch lines form early and around the block and once you enter the front door, you order your food from the ladies in front of those doing the cooking.

Nothing fancy but its real, filling and good.  Over the years it was a cop hang out and pictures on the walls show some of the cops who used to eat there and now retired.  Once the food is served up and paid for, take the tray piled high and pick a  table and chair in one of the plain rooms with people sitting family style enjoying the food rather than the surroundings.

Las Cuatro Milpas

1857 Logan Ave San Diego, Calif 92113