I am a terrible packer and when I found out about the Pack Like A Pro seminar at Index Urban in Hillcrest, I signed up. You might remember this luggage store as John’s 5th Ave, a locally owned and family run store for 60 years. The seminar was taught by Briggs and Riley luggage company packing expert Annslie Bigbee.  She said Americans wear 20% of their clothes and pack 30% more than needed. Why was she looking at me?! Here’s her suggestion, days before a trip, lay out your clothes and organize by color.  Mix and match 3 tops and pants for a weeks worth of outfits.
Roll your outfits for each day and no stress as to what to wear. Throw in a scarf to change your outfit and you’re set for days.

Cube and clothing organizers remind you which items to put in a carry on. And when TSA takes them out, it’s easier to put back in instead of loose items. Wear your heaviest shoes and pack other shoes in a shoe bag. Check weather reports for where you’re headed to and size of luggage accepted by airlines. International size for a carry on is 21 inches, not 22 inches and some countries have other strict regulations.

Here’s some more tips for the airport. When TSA goes through your luggage wearing gloves, they’ve been going through others packed items wearing the same gloves. You can ask them to change gloves before touching your stuff. Protect your money and passport in a carrier under clothing. Pickpockets are not only in airports but on planes too. Annslie doesn’t trust all hotel workers so she locks her suitcase when not in the room and sleeps with her wallet in case someone quietly comes in and takes whatever is on the dresser. She will foil any thief!

She covered so many packing tips, I’d like her to pack my stuff next trip!