Crossing the Rhine River, which along the way divides the countries of Germany and France, is the popular wine growing area of Alsace, France.  Well known white wines such as Rieslings and Gewurztraminer are produced in this area because of the conducive climate and soil.  And, some of the vineyards on the hillside are still cultivated by hand during planting and harvest times.

The village of Riquewihr in the Alsace region is Dopff Au Moulin winery and has been family owned since 1574.  While wine tasting in their cave like room, I was offered a piece of locally made bundt cake and wondered why cake?  As wine expert, Peter, topped off my glass, he explained that during the second German Empire (1871-1918), a tradition began of eating Kugelhopf cake while drinking Gewürztraminer wine. The two items pair well together and to this day, special events protocol is to welcome others with a sip of the wine and a bite of cake. 

I loved the cake and wines

Once leaving the winery, I walked up the cobblestoned street and my nose found the bakery that makes the Kugelhopf cakes.  Cakes were in the oven and the baker used her hot pads to quickly remove the hot pans to cool.  The bakery had much more than cakes, lovely merguines and a tree made with colorful macaroon cookies too beautiful to touch.

I definitely plan to return to the village of Riquewihr for wine and cake!  Disclaimer- I was a guest of AMAWaterways Rhine River cruise, as always, my opinions are my own. #AMAWaterways #Rhineriver @AMAWaterways

Riquewihr Village

Kugelhopf cakes