Near Alpine off hwy 79 is Lions Tigers and Bears sanctuary for exotic animals and big cats. My grand niece (she wants to be a vet) and I spent the morning on a walking tour seeing Meatball the rescued bear, Cherry Bomb the grizzly and Maverick the tiger.

There are lots of rescued animals on the property and depending on which tour you choose, you can feed one of the animals. Don’t worry, it’s safe! And if you want a getaway, stay the night in the lodging by the owner’s house and really be among the animals.

After our roaring good time at the animal sanctuary, we headed to Janet’s Montana Cafe on Alpine Blvd for lunch. Janet’s serves home style food and big portions. Kenna loved the house made ranch dressing on her fries and the huge ham sandwich. Patio seating makes you feel like being in the country and the weather outside was pleasant on this hot day. Kenna topped the day off with their homemade ice cream. Oh to be young again!


Lions Tigers & Bears  24402 Martin Way, Alpine

Janet’s Montana Cafe 2506 Alpine Blvd, Alpine     Facebook or call 619.659.3874