The way to Martha’s Vineyard is by ferry and we always get a reservation ahead of time for our car and passengers.  And it’s not cheap, about $150 round trip.

Once on the island, we finally got to meet grand nephew Cecil and it’s true, he’s very cute and smart!  Strolling on Main Street, we stopped in Bernie’s Ice Cream and although it was raining, the ice cream looked appealing.  Why don’t we give Cecil his first taste of ice cream! Bernie’s Ice Cream is made in house and super premium meaning rich full taste. Owner Bobby named the shop after his mom and son Tony begins making ice cream early in the morning.  The little one now loves ice cream, he and I will get along just fine whenever there’s ice cream nearby!

The month of April has an R in it and that means oyster eating.  These beauties are from local Martha Vineyard waters, and the varieties were Sweet Neck, Cottage City and Honeysuckle. Our gang compared tasting notes for the oysters and since I don’t eat oysters, I dived into a bowl of clam chowder and a basket of specialty breads. Ending the meal was butterscotch bourbon pudding-we all voted for this dessert.

You can’t come to Massachusetts without having a lobster roll and Bloody Mary. I love lobster rolls but it was too early in the year for the sweet lobster, so I was disappointed with mine.  But the others raved about their sashimi and sushi rolls. I always like how patriotic New England is and proudly flies our flag.

Nearby in Oak Bluffs are the gingerbread houses, an old Methodist camp ground with 300 Victorian style houses. Still unique and worth a drive to see.


Bernie’s Ice Cream and Fudge  22 Main St, Vineyard Haven, MA