When airline employees and airport police recommend a restaurant, it must be good. Matt’s Big Breakfast in Phoenix airport was just as delicious as it was described.


I had a two hour layover and quickly found Matt’s.  The line was long but with people in a hurry to catch a plane, it didn’t take me much time to find a table.  First thing I spotted was a woman next to me eating her Sonrisa burrito stuffed with their famous bacon and added jalapenos. She raved about her burrito and told me she allowed time on her layover to Boston to eat this big breakfast.

I ordered the famous juicy pork chop breakfast and how could l allow the bone to be thrown away? Since I was one of many travelers, I picked up the bone and munched. It’s the best part!

This airport restaurant is worth a trip, changing planes or not!

Matt’s Big Breakfast

www.Mattsbigbreakfast.com Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terminal 4 and other locations in Phoenix and Tempe, AZ.