Fish and more fish!  The is our first time exploring more of Maui having only been here for one day at a time from a cruise ship and I wasn’t impressed.  The tourists!

We were fortnuate to meet up with two long time friends each from my childhood times and this prompted us to drive around the island to meet up.   Buzz’s at the wharf in the Ma’alaea harbor had fresh and delicious seafood for our relaxing and lovely lunch to catch up with our friend. The best mango creme brulee!    

Today we drove to Wailuku to meet our friends in their church and then on to Pa’ia for famous fish and chips at the fish market in this old hippie town.  The last working sugar mill is on the road and then later down the road and a few turns is a spectacular view of the ocean.    I want to return to Maui and try the drive to Hana, in a jeep.