So many barbecue places in Memphis and the town is known for many varieties of distinct rubs and sauces.  After much research about bbq restaurants, we met old time friends Mike and Renee at  Germantown Commissary in Germantown, Tenn.  The restaurant came highly recommended and the building used to be a former country store which is how the name commissary came about for the restaurant.  No wonder it looked so rustic.  We sat at a table with a checkered  tablecloth and the server explained the menu to us just in case we had any questions about brisket, ribs or pulled pork.  Commissary cooks the traditional Memphis style of hickory smoked bbq and its not rushed.  Soon our meals arrived along with potato salad, beans and half of a deviled egg.

Meeting good friends over delicious bbq is living big!

Germantown Commissary  2290 South Germantown Rd,  Germantown, TN

When fried chicken is mentioned in Memphis, Gus’s World Famous is the name which kept coming up. The hot and spicy fried chicken began over 60 years ago and continues to be a favorite.  I ordered the chicken and fried dill pickles.  The chicken was a tad spicy for me but now I understand why it is so popular.

Gus’s has many locations and can be found at