I never had a Pan Dulce as buttery and sweet as those baked at La Panaderia. I watched through the open kitchen as the staff used eggs and butter and then carefully folded, shaped and rolled the dough to go into the sleek oven for baking.

The pan dulce conchas are ever popular and have a moist and layered bottom and crunchy topping.  Sure, there are many other pastries here, like the almond tequila croissant, but I wanted the one this area of the country is known for, Pan Dulces.

To compliment my Pan Dulce, I ordered the pour over cafe Goteo coffee which was served at the perfect 195 water temp. This certainly was a lively way to start the day.

Bet you can’t eat just one and Guy Fieri has been here, too!

The German settlements in the 1800’s brought a saloon by Fritz Schilo to the bustling city of San Antonio. Then his wife began cooking German food and 100 years later the traditional fare is still served. Located in an old bank building with the same old floors and ceiling, the trophy room is something to see including old postcards and mounted heads.

Before hitting the road, we sampled pretzels, hot potato salad, red cabbage, sausages and chicken and dumplings.

Oh yes, their famous root beer is served in a frosty mug, so refreshing for the designated driver!

La Panadería

8305 Broadway

San Antonio, Texas



Schilo’s German Restaurant

424 E Commerce St

San Antonio, Texas