Our goal on this Asia trip was to eat street food and experience highly rated restaurants.  Singapore, where our cruise began, held a special dining experience and worthy of its praise.  Summer Pavilion, a Michelin rated restaurant, is located in the luxury Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel.

The table setting was colorful throughout the meal

Steaming Lychee Oolong elegantly served from a beautiful tea pot was smooth and inviting. It was my first time sipping a blend of Asian tea and I was hooked.

Chinese Executive Chef Cheung Siu Kong’s Cantonese Cuisine, includes Bird’s Nest Soup.  Unlike the Western version, this soup is the highly prized Bird’s Nest at a steep price.  Roasted duck and a noodle dish were more our speed.

Roasted duck carved and served with egg pancakes

Egg pancakes and sliced duck

Fried fish noodles with seafood, ginger and spring onions

Chef Kong is proud of his restaurant and Summer Pavilion is on my list when I return to Singapore!

Executive Chef Cheung Siu Kong and his Michelin rated restaurant

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