I hadn’t eaten tater tot potatoes since I was a kid and back then it was a big deal to buy a bag of the frozen rolled hash browns and dunk them in ketchup which was a wonderful deviation from mashed potatoes. Tater tots are big, really big in Minnesota!  I dined in Bulldog NE restaurant, a place known for great drinks, lots of beers,burgers and yes, tater tots.  They serve a variety of these little fried potatoes with spicy ketchup,Parmesan cheese, mayo and many other combos including sprinkling of fennel seeds.  Our server told us they have the best tater tots and she loves them like other Minnesotans do!  Her enthusiasm for TT is comparable to my description of a chocolate mousse cake I just baked from scratch.  I must admit the TTs are good especially with spicy ketchup and a beefy burger washed down with a local beer.

Besides an over abundance of TT’s there are the old fashioned mid-western sayings making me glad the heartland of America hasn’t changed in these crazy times, “don’t you know”!