Mr Teddy

During this time of not traveling or dining out, I’ll be making old time recipes and pairing with old time characters for a sweet adventure. Mr. Teddy likes the embroidery which says “in the cookie of life friends are the chocolate chips. So true!

Little Red Riding Hood

Oh Grandma, what big eyes you have! Little Red Riding Hood took grandma a cake since grandma was sick. The Big Bad Wolf spied her in the woods and raced ahead to grandma’s house. The wolf knew it was a Gugelhupf cake and was excited to eat a slice. And the coffee clatch was born! Yes, I made the cake.


The Famous Chicken

Look who stopped by for a homemade chocolate sticky bun-The Famous Chicken! He said he’s bored being caged up as he pecked away at the bun. Don’t worry, baseball will start soon, cluck, cluck!