Chilaquiles with or without a fried egg? I must have the egg with a runny yolk to drizzle over, but Chris’ mom, Norma wanted her dish without an egg.

Talavera Azul in Chula Vista, Calif is very well known for their varieties of chilaquiles. The traditional dish (not to be confused with nachos) is made with thick hand cut corn tortillas, fried until crispy, tossed with your choice of salsa, piled on a plate with a side of refried beans and potatoes. Chicken or an egg can be added for an extra fee.

My mother-in-law Norma who loves Mexican food, had her dish topped with Chipotle cream and I ordered mine with two sauces, mole and poblano sauce. All choices were very delicious.

The restaurant’s interior has a calming decor of white colored walls with blue and white tiles and painted plates hanging on the walls.  Owner Enrique Curiel was kind enough to have his photo taken in a favorite spot of the restaurant.


No yellow cheese here! El Comal Restaurant in North Park is true to its country’s history of Mexican food which is fresh and without lard.  On a chilly day, we ordered the Albondigas meatball soup with a hint of chipotle, Cochinita Pibil (pork marinated in achiote and Yucatan spices) served on a corn tortilla and an inviting sope.

You could come here for breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat from different regions of Mexico to your taste buds delight.  I passed on the house made flan, and now I need to return and order it first!

Talavera Azul

365 Third Ave, Chula Vista, CA  619.427.6476

El Comal

3946 Illinois St, San Diego, CA  619.294.8292