Salvatore, our tour guide in Naples, drove us to Gambrinus coffee house in central Naples, near the Royal Palace. The Italian style building is a famous meeting place for International officials and Pope Francis made a visit here. It’s full of activity inside and I watched the never ending production of making espressos.

The espresso machine operated like a pipe organ and espresso drinks were quickly served. I ordered a Cappuccino alla Melange and a sfogliatella pastry which were served in their signature dishes.  I also liked the display of various espresso machines on the top shelf and realized espresso is serious business.

Gambrinus is Neapolitan coffee grandeur.

When in Naples one must eat a Neapolitan pizza. The benefit of a tour guide is avoiding the packed places which get all the press. We went to Salvatore’s favorite, Trianon Pizzeria, and I was intrigued with the pizza making process. The dough was formed and then thumped several times on the counter.

Once stretched into a round shape, toppings were added and into the wood fire pizza oven it went.

I noticed people ate pizzas with knife and fork or merely folding a slice. Salvatore said folding the slice is called portfolio meaning like a wallet and on the go eating.

Pizzas were simple and inexpensive and so good.